August 15, 2019 – August 18, 2019 all-day
Island Grove Regional Park
501 N. 14th Ave.
CO 80631
Greeley Kennel Club AKC Dog Show @ Island Grove Regional Park

The Greeley Kennel Club AKC Dog Show will be held at island Grove Regional Park.

Come walk through Island Grove Park and see over 180 different breeds of dogs. There will be 2,200 dogs in attendance. 

New this year will be Dock Diving – Will your dog do anything for his favorite toy? Have you watched him fearlessly dive into water – say, in a lake or pool? Come watch one of the fastest growing sports, Diving Dogs! Almost any dog can do it, as long as he loves water, knows how to swim, and has a natural passion for retrieving.

Barn Hunt – Not everyone will understand the importance of “rat catchers,” but if you live in the countryside, you sure do! “Rat catchers” rid farms of destructive vermin – and the hunting and teamwork skills required to do so are the foundation of the sport of Barn Hunt. Dogs and their handlers work as a team to locate and mark rats (which are always safely held in aerated tubes) hidden in a maze of straw or hay bales.

Watch dogs in obedience, and rally.
Shop the vendors – everything you want for your dog, from cookies to beds!

The American Kennel Club will be in Greeley on Saturday afternoon filming a live stream of the 7 variety groups.

A few suggestions to make your experience most enjoyable.  

Always ask before approaching a dog to pet.  

Baby strollers are not allowed. Strollers put small children at eye level of the dogs or could possibly roll over a dog’s tail. 

Meet the breeds – there are no dogs for sale. 

This event is free to the public!