Sports Fields and Facilities in Greeley


With 41 parks in Greeley, there’s no excuse to not be active. Each park has an array of outdoor recreational opportunity.

Multi-Use Fields

We have 37 multi-use fields that are allowed for soccer, football, and volleyball games during spring, summer, and fall.

Basketball Courts

Greeley has 12 indoor and outdoor basketball courts for organized and pick-up play throughout the City of Greeley.

Volleyball Courts

During the warmer months in Greeley, seven sand volleyball courts are open in four parks. They are first come first serve courts, so everyone can use them when available.

Tennis Courts

Greeley has 16 tennis courts in three different parks in Greeley. 10 light courts, and 6 non-light courts. Our tennis courts are able to host tennis tournaments. Centennial park is home to 12 out of 16 courts.

Greeley Ice Haus

If you are into cooler sports, the Greeley Ice Haus has an Olympic sized rink for hockey, ice skating, and curling.

Greeley Family FunPlex

The Greeley Family Funplex can also provide an inline indoor hockey rink, volleyball courts, and basketball courts. They can provide three courts for smaller tournaments.

Greeley Recreation Center

The Greeley Recreation Center, which is located in downtown Greeley has three total courts for basketball and volleyball. They also have indoor racquetball courts, a rock climbing wall, and their indoor pool.

City of Greeley Park Shelters

City of Greeley park shelters in certain parks can be reserved for birthday parties, or family events. They are reserved on a first come first serve basis with an all-day fee of $75. Reservations need to be submitted at least five business days before the event. 18 parks with 21 shelters are available.

Island Grove Park

Island Grove Park which is co-owned by the City of Greeley and Weld County, is located in north Greeley. With 14 buildings, Island Grove is host to many events year round. For larger volleyball tournaments, and wrestling tournaments they can provide up to 12 courts. The park can also accommodate basketball tournaments in the events center. There are also two full-size soccer fields in the park. BMX Bikes hold their events in the arena at Island Grove.

Splash Parks and Pools

If you want to cool off in the summer or just want some good exercise in the summer, don’t miss Greeley’s indoor/outdoor pools and splash parks! Greeley has three splash parks outdoors, which are, Discovery Bay Splash Park, Island Grove Splash Park, and Sunrise Splash Park. Centennial pool is Greeley’s outdoor pool. If you would like an indoor pool, we have an indoor pool at the Greeley Recreation Center, and Family FunPlex Adventure Island indoor waterpark.

University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado is home to a wide variety of eight athletic locations. Nottingham Field is home to football, track & field, and can hold a capacity of 8,500. Bank of Colorado Arena can hold 2,734 and hosting sports of basketball (men’s and woman’s), volleyball, and wrestling. Jackson Stadium is a soccer field that holds a capacity of 1,860. Butler – Hancock Swimming Pool is an Olympic sized pool that is indoors at the University of Northern Colorado. This can be used for swimming and diving competitions. Adding another baseball field to the mix, is Jackson Field. Jackson Field has a capacity of 1,500. The University of Northern Colorado also has the Butler – Hancock Softball field which holds 500.